Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q. When can I get my delivery?

→ You will get your product within 6 hours in your selected area.

Q. How long do deliveries take?

→We offer same day delivery.

Q. How much do deliveries cost?

We don’t have any delivery charge or any hidden charges. We are providing totally free delivery to our customers.

Q. Where do you deliver?

→A Pan Asia representative will deliver your order right to your home or office.

Q. What are the delivery hours?

→We deliver from 10 am to 8 pm every working day. You can also note down your convinient time.

Q. Can I order through the phone?

→Always. Our Hotline number is   +8801739868477    &   +88029892697

Q. How can I pay?

→We accept cash on delivery and as soon as possible we will run Online Credit Card and Online Bkash service. Our Pan Asia representatives always carry enough change.

Q. What about quality?

→We directly import all products from USA, UK & Australia so you can keep 100% faith on our quality. If any person can prove to us that we sold any local or duplicate products we will refund him Double Price. WE SELL QUALITY.

Q. How are you sourcing your products?

→We directly import our products from USA, UK & Australia. We only sell all imported products.

Q. What is the refund policy?

→You may get a refund within seven (7) working days on unused, unopened or spoilt packaged products. We will not accept any dry food items as return if more than 10% of the product has been used. We reserve the right to refuse refund. Please contact us at    +8801739868477    &    +88029892697   if you want to return an item.

Q. Can I pre-order/ order in advance?

→Yes, you can do pre-order through our website or you can email us at info@panasiabd.com

Q. How can I contact you?

→You can always call us  +8801739868477   ,   +88029892697   or email us at info@panasiabd.com

Q. How do I know when my order is here?

→A Pan Asia representative will call you as soon as they are at your house to let you know about your delivery.

Q. Do you serve my area?

→We are currently serving all of Dhaka city through our own representative & outside Dhaka city we will send our product through courier service.

Q. What if the item is out of stock?

→We import bulk quantity of product and we always try to hold our inventory, so we rarely have out of stock. However, we will try our best to source what you need.

Q. How are you different from other online stores?

→We are the only Bangladeshi online shop who directly imports our product from USA, UK & Australia. We believe that loyalty is our strength.

Q. How do I request a product?

→For product requests, you can call us at +8801739868477   ,   +88029892697  or email us at infor@panasiabd.com




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